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Smartphones vs. Two-Way Radios in Business

As smartphones continue to dominate, will two-way radios still be necessary in business?

Ooh yes they will…

The number one reason is Two-Way radios for commercial sectors are built like bricks aka DURABLE so the user can rely on the fact that the radios will continue operating even though they are dropped, kicked, knocked, get wet, dirty several times!

ATEX_MOTOTRBO_DP4000_Ex_Series_DP4401ExThink about this – how many times do you or your staff drop their mobile phones without finally damaging it…well you can count the times on your one hand, so probably 2-5 times before something goes wrong… This is an expensive investment for businesses today!

Our MOTOTRBO Motorola Two-Way Radios are built to last and they even have a sealing against dust and moisture, and have a high rigorous drop tolerance. Some have amazing waterproof capability to sustain being immersed in water for over 20mins and still work!

…Don’t try that with your smartphone or you will end up with a useless piece of communication tool!

Business Communications is confident in its radio products to supply customers with professional radios that are suitable in any business environments, even high explosive / tough ones such as crash & construction sites, oil & gas, nuclear etc.

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