UPS Battery backup for Business Telephone System


Have you got UPS Battery as a Backup for your Telephone System?

Since Business Telephone systems are heavily dependent on an electricity supply, and so, if there’s a power cut, it’s crucial that you have a back-up on hand to ensure that your business can continue to communicate throughout this time. That’s where UPS battery back-up systems can really help.

What is UPS? UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply

These systems are designed so that there is a primary power source which is normally used and another secondary power supply that activates if the primary source is interrupted. Generally the power from the wall is always the primary source, and the battery contained within the UPS is the secondary power supply.

A switch is used to control which of these sources powers the equipment (i.e. business telephone system/ computer) at any given time. The switch changes from the primary source to the secondary when it detects that the primary power has gone out. It will switch back from the secondary power source to the primary when it detects that the primary power source has returned. This is as illustrated in the basic image below:

Business Comms offer customers UPS battery backup systems for their PBX and other Panasonic Business Telephone Systems in order to give them enough running time to get their phone systems back up and running. This way, they are able to keep their clients and staff happy through power cuts etc.

If you are in doubt, contact us and we are more than happy to help!


  • If you only have one office telephone (homeworker/ self-employed), you just need to put the UPS on the telephone equipment itself. It is crucial that you setup the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to also power your router, cable/DSL modem etc. in case of a power outage!
  • However for a larger company, battery backup i.e. for a VoIP telephone system will require that you install a Power over Ethernet (POE) switch to distribute power to your office / site telephones over CAT5 Ethernet cables, which will eliminates the AC adapter which is powered from the wall outlet to your telephones. Make sure that the UPS is installed to power the POE switch so that your business communications/telephones will continue to operate during a power cut!

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