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ALERT: New Call Recording Laws as of 3 January 2018

As of 3rd January 2018, all UK businesses operating in the financial sector will have to record calls. Actually the new recording law (MiFID II) applies to all forms of communications – TDM, VoIP, SMS, Instant Messaging, Mobile Calles, Email and Face-to -Face – where a transaction takes place or is the intended outcome. The Markets […]

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IoT – Internet of Things in Construction

We are a bit of IT geeks so anything technical always raises my pulse and therefore unable to resist poking my noodles on the subject. IoT aka Internet of Things is such a big subject the moment and it’s on most people’s lips. So we decided to take a closer look at it not for personal (household) reasons but in […]

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Have you got UPS Battery as a Backup for your Telephone System?

Since Business Telephone systems are heavily dependent on an electricity supply, and so, if there’s a power cut, it’s crucial that you have a back-up on hand to ensure that your business can continue to communicate throughout this time. That’s where UPS battery back-up systems can really help. What is UPS? UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply These […]

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Connect your business across multi-sites and UK wide

In order for a business to thrive, it needs to have open communications within it, outside and via different mediums: Voice Data Video Other electronics By optimising your business environment with top notch telecommunications – phone systems, hardware/software and network cabling installation services, you will be able to reach your business goals. Business Comms’ supports customers across the United Kingdom (UK) and […]

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As a duty of care, Business Communications is alerting customers and other partners of the on-going telephone system hacking and call fraud currently happening in the business world. To put it in context, we have received a couple of customer calls that required emergency attention because of their telephone systems being hacked! Call fraud, commonly known as […]

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Your office telecommunications must keep up with the pace!

Technological changes mean that business as a whole has to keep up with technology, while at the same time using this technology to enhance its business systems. At the present time, we’ve seen increased prerequisite from customers for reliable, secure and scalable telecommunications services. These are often well beyond the capabilities of traditional on-site PBX […]

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VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

Business Communications believe that small businesses have the same ambitious goals as those set by large corporations. However, SMEs have more of a need for cost-effective solutions and VoIP telephone systems are one of these solutions. Productivity and Flexibility to the Maximum Amount In terms of having good communication between various departments, employer and employee […]

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Troubleshooting a telecom system?

Fault finding procedures can be taught but experience can’t be! So, when something was working until you looked at it or did something that caused a change on your telecom system, the first part of fault finding should always be to ask yourself, ‘what did I do last?’ This of course can be extended to what […]

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