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Construction Site Essential – Open Two-Way Radio Communications

In today’s increasingly complex construction industry projects, the need for faultless radio communication is essential. Frequently, radio communication is required on multiple floor levels, both above and below ground. Every company is required to ensure employee safety (number 1 priority) and therefore through Business Comms’ two-way radio communication solutions this can be achieved because we ensure that […]

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Successful Base Station & Antenna Installation

We have just completed a two-way radio upgrade in South East London for a reputable Water Utilities company! Our customer wanted to improve their radio coverage and also upgrade from analogue to a Digital Two-Way Radio System. Business Comms recommended the installation of a Repeater Base Station with Off-Set Omni Directional Antenna to provide the site wide coverage of up to 3 km […]

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Troubleshooting a telecom system?

Fault finding procedures can be taught but experience can’t be! So, when something was working until you looked at it or did something that caused a change on your telecom system, the first part of fault finding should always be to ask yourself, ‘what did I do last?’ This of course can be extended to what […]

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