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VoIP Telephone Lines

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

What is Voice-over-IP?

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol or VoIP allows you to make a phone call via the internet instead of using the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) telephone line infrastructure. Companies can route their calls via the Internet using WANS (wide area network), LANS (local area network).

IP Telephony or Internet Protocol Telephony is the transmission of voice signals over the Internet. IP Telephony uses voice-over-IP to break down voice transmissions into packets of data and transmitting them across a network.

An IP-PBX telephone system allows you to make phone calls using a network connected to the internet instead of the standard telephone infrastructure (PSTN).

What are the advantages of an IP-PBX system?

Reduced Call Costs
IP-PBXs enable businesses to reduce the cost of long distance calls or branch-to-branch calls by routing calls inexpensively over IP networks. If you have overseas facilities, using an IP-PBX could reduce your business's costs significantly.

Remote Office
Even if your business has a single remote office, an IP-PBX can give you the flexibility to pick an affordable solution connecting this remote office to the telephone system at head office whilst providing full functionality of the telephone system.

Work From Home
IP telephone via an IP-PBX extends easily and seamlessly into the home for field based staff.

Multiple Branch Offices
With VoIP, expanding your business phone system to multiple branch office sites is easy. Integrated IP Gateways allow you to manage calls between offices over the Internet and will safe on call charges between sites. Dialling branch offices is as easy as calling an extension in the same office and the call is free once the infrastructure has been implemented.

Why use us for VoIP

  • Pay substantially less on line rental & call costs compared to BT & other providers
  • We’ll manage BT and DSL service providers for you
  • You are still using the BT infrastructure
  • A BT Openreach engineer will install the lines
  • Deal with UK based professional friendly staff
  • Receive one bill for calls and line rental
  • Receive one bill for voice and data
  • Fully trained telecoms professionals
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