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Construction Industry – Emerging Apps for Apple and Android

The ability to be anywhere in the world and communicate with your colleagues, access data on a smartphone or computer, is now a commonplace.

So technology advancement within business telephony and two-way radio communications is imperative to not only meet customer needs but also for manufacturers to remain competitive in the market.

Construction AppsFor the construction industry, the adoption of new technology and mobile trends such as collaboration technology and apps is an obvious and even necessary step, especially judging from the current social trends whereby the necessity of accessing information on the go is vital!

Therefore since the construction industry (and other sectors) has wide range of services and data that is often required at the fingertips, especially when out and about on construction sites, the need for sharing and collecting project data is imperative and can increase efficiency and productivity. With a suitable app, workers on the move can have instant access to key information i.e. project specifications, compliance guidelines and health and safety regulations! Also apps can help managers to keep projects on schedule, minimise errors and keep costs on budget.

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Tech Startup BaseStone gathers pace in construction industry with launch of new app – June 2014
BaseStone, a tech startup from East London’s Tech City, has launched its web and tablet app to the construction market, following successful trials on Crossrail and High Speed 2 (HS2).
BaseStone is currently live with major construction companies, Costain and Skanska on the £16bn Crossrail project, who are using it to red line drawings, snag installations and run safety inspections on site.

The NASC recently launches its TG20:13 eGuide App – June 2014
The app was developed in conjunction with TG20:13 technical authors CADS and contains good practice guidance reports aimed at Scaffolders in terms of tube and fitting scaffolding (design details compliance). The app is compatible with Google Android platform devices therefore enables wider reach of the TG20:13, a new technical guidance on work location / site.

Construction Index Magazine adds Blippar content to its own! – May 2014
The magazine views this as a way of adding new moving content to a static product. Basically Blippar allows new ways for readers to access or see new content and in all media forms i.e. videos etc despite the Construction Index magazine already having embedded video content for those reading it on a tablet. The Blippar application can be downloaded on smartphones or tablets.

ClockedIn App that Tracks Contruction Workers’ Movements – Jan 2014
The app is a cloud based software and app which uses GPS technology to identify the location of workers, creating detailed time records for each member of staff. ClockedIn app was developed to maximise productivity – less time spent to accurately calculate employee working hours. The app developer is Mark Shaw of AMS Building Services who wanted to allow his staff to clock in remotely when they start work, as well as logging in and out whilst on site and they can even request holidays and book in or out of jobs.

Brick Chooser App – 2013
Ibstock Brick app was developed to allow customers to choose bricks they want via filtering through various colours, textures, sizes and types of bricks



PlanGrid – An iPhone and iPad app for the construction industry which lets contractors and architects collaborate with all their project plans, specs and photos. You can upload PDF drawings to and they will automatically sync in real time.

ConstructionHelper – Available on Google Play, the app allows easy calculations for areas, total surface and price of surfaces groups, rectangular prism volumes, volume cost and weight, and total cost and weight of volumes groups.

Construction Master Pro – The app offers a range of calculators for Android smartphones and iPads, including feet-inch-fraction math calculators, and a version that can be used to estimate materials needed for stair railing and fence projects.

iBlueprint – iBlueprint for Apple devices, lets users create and export custom floor plans and lets contractors access blueprints on jobsites.

BuildCalc – Can be used on both iPhone and Android, BuildCalc allows for complete layout of railing and staircase balusters with less guesswork and easily adjusts to the flexibility needed for a custom job.

Architect’s Formulator – The Apple app features more than 400 formulas for electrical, carpentry and plumbing calculations. It also includes concrete and excavation formulas for estimating the concrete and bricks required for a job.

BIMx – BIMx won the Mobile Product of the Year in 2012 at the Construction Computing Awards. It’s a free, interactive 3-D communication and presentation tool for architectural designs available on both Google Play and Apple devices.

Control Center 7 – Want to monitor the progress of workers offsite? It enables contractors who have installed fixed cameras and Control Center 7 robotic upload snapshots to colleagues, review videos and operate cameras remotely. It works with Android, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone  all over WiFi, 4G and 3G.

Green Pro – The app lets architects, engineers, owners and contractors understand, access and track Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits for new construction and major renovation projects. Users can access credit requirements and find out when a particular requirement has been met.

Aconex Mobile – This app for Apple and Android products enables contractors to access and capture important project information on-site. Contractors can share videos, images and project documents, send marked up documents to other project team members, and store records for offline access.

SmartBidNet – The app is available on Google Play and iTunes and it works with SmartBidNet’s bid management software and helps users keep track of vendors and subcontractors. It includes both financial data on each bid, as well as measurement and statistical information for the projects attached.

Construction Simulator 2014 – This one is for the little and big kids. The app for both Android and Apple allows you to turn your smart device into a virtual construction site. You can take over the control of 14 construction machines in high-quality 3D graphics. More than 300 tasks yield more than 20 hours of fun.



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