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Successful Base Station & Antenna Installation

We have just completed a two-way radio upgrade in South East London for a reputable Water Utilities company!

Our customer wanted to improve their radio coverage and also upgrade from analogue to a Digital Two-Way Radio System. Business Comms recommended the installation of a Repeater Base Station with Off-Set Omni Directional Antenna to provide the site wide coverage of up to 3 km radius.

Our team had to take the following into account in order to meet Customer expectations:

  • Extend Radio Transmit and Receive Range with Buildings and Open Areas
  • What was limiting radio signal penetrations and how to improve this (Site Location & Terrain)
  • Antenna Efficiency – what height and type was required
  • ATEX Radios and standard Digital Radios for both hazardous and safe working environments

Motorola DR3000 Base StationA site survey is always recommended before any project work is commenced as it gives both the ‘customer’ and ‘Business Communications’ an opportunity to review all aspects of the installation environment and equipment options suitable. Basically, determine what is the current situation aka ‘status quo‘ and the potential risk factors.

Thereafter, our team of in-house Two-Way Radio Engineers will design a bespoke system specific for your needs.

In this case, the Motorola DR3000 was provided to improve site wide coverage with external antennas fixed in agreed locations approximately 20 metre from ground level to provide a suitable radiating pattern across the site to achieve coverage.

BC_Motorola_ATEXExternal antennas fixed on high ground help to overcome ‘line of sight‘ radio signal constraints.

When upgrading to Digital Radios, we recommended and supplied the customer with MOTOTRBO DP4400 digital two-way radios and also DP4000 EX ATEX which were suitable for their work environment.

If you would like more information or thinking of upgrading /expanding your Two-Way Radio System, please contact us on 01252 617116.

Business Communications provide fully comprehensive Two-Way Radio base station / repeater and antenna installations for a wide range of customers with various needs. We can provide you with other services such as: Network Cabling and Business Phones to give you a one stop communications solution.


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