How to troubleshoot your telecom system


Troubleshooting a telecom system?

Fault finding procedures can be taught but experience can’t be!

So, when something was working until you looked at it or did something that caused a change on your telecom system, the first part of fault finding should always be to ask yourself, ‘what did I do last?’

This of course can be extended to what was done last by someone else. When troubleshooting a system where there are complex interactions, this simple question may need to be supported by making copious notes as procedures are performed.

I realise this is all obvious but we are often blinded by what we have done ourselves and may fall foul of the ‘I know I did it right’ syndrome. I know this because I have wasted a lot of time checking and rechecking something because I assumed I had set it up right in the first place. That was only the firing order on a car engine.

What if it had been something really difficult?

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