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VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

Business Communications believe that small businesses have the same ambitious goals as those set by large corporations. However, SMEs have more of a need for cost-effective solutions and VoIP telephone systems are one of these solutions.

Productivity and Flexibility to the Maximum Amount

In terms of having good communication between various departments, employer and employee (as well as with clients), companies need efficient, flexible and cost-effective telecoms solutions. This is where VoIP telephone systems fit the bill perfectly. They are technically superior and offer plenty of features whilst bringing costs down. The following are some of the common and basic elements of a small business VoIP telephone system:

  • Voicemail
  • Auto attendant
  • Call forwardingTelephone_Solution_medium
  • Call queuing
  • Call screening
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Fax mail
  • Message/Music on hold

…and plenty of other advanced features!

In Summary,  VoIP telephone systems offer remarkable flexibility which ensures that employers can stay in touch with their employees and clients regardless of location. For example, you can make calls from a computer or telephone and also hold business and clients meetings over the internet.

Calls get transmitted through data networks rather than phone lines. Any number of extensions can be added and this doesn’t require much of a monetary or technological input. Hosted VoIP systems do not require equipment maintenance on the part of the client, because this is taken care of by the VoIP service provider.

With these and many more advantages, there’s no doubt that VoIP telephone systems for small businesses are here to stay!

And as Panasonic say:
“Communicate, Collaborate, Create… Even when you are not face-to-face”

Contact us today to find out more about small business VoIP Telephone Systems and/or which telephone communications product is suitable for your needs. In addition, our team will inform you about all our other communication products & services. These include Calls & Lines, professional Two-Way Radio, Accessories and bespoke solutions i.e. design and installation of on-site radio systems complete with PABX telephone system interfaces, Multi-site networking etc.

Source: Infosum.net & Business Comms


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