Your office telecommunications must keep up with the pace!


Your office telecommunications must keep up with the pace!

Technological changes mean that business as a whole has to keep up with technology, while at the same time using this technology to enhance its business systems.

At the present time, we’ve seen increased prerequisite from customers for reliable, secure and scalable telecommunications services. These are often well beyond the capabilities of traditional on-site PBX systems.

Every so often we find that our clients’ business PBX system and telecoms infrastructure are quite costly in terms of maintenance and often this is because there’s no scope or capacity for expansion.

Does your business want to expand its current telephone system, look no further and come to us for unbiased advice?

We at Business Communications recommend that a thorough assessment is done before presenting the customer with options of what can be achieved.  Our engineers are transparent in terms of informing the customer of any challenges to be expected when work starts on upgrading their telephony technology such as impact on daily business operations and intermittent connection problems.

When the customer is happy for us to replace their old PBX system with an up-to-date solution, Business Comms allows flexibility in the project plan and explain how the various phases work will be carried out in order to reduce disruption to the customers’ business operations.

What we offer:

  • The new system installed for any customer should allow them to scale for future growth
  • Another bonus is, currently new technology can be supported remotely and this uses analytics to measure, rate and analyse the customer’s telephone services in real-time
  • In-house engineers so we don’t subcontract any work!
  • Provide on-hand support for all our products through their lifecycle
  • Re-use old equipment wherever possible

Business Communications are specialists in Telephone and Radio Communications, IT Cabling, Networking, Accessories, Mototrbo 2-way Radio Systems UK-Wide! For more information, call us on 01252 617116 or email

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