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Your Staff Safety First – It’s Hot Hot Hot!!!


Today it is over 30 degrees hot so scorching hot day in London and we’ve got Wimbledon hotting up!

Very exciting and most of us would rather not be at work and instead be watching tennis, eating strawberries, sunbathing and probably have a bbq 🙂

But on BBC News this morning, they were pre-warning the public and players to take care as it was expected to be very hot in the sun and recommended that we all must keep hydrated!

In Business however, this weather might be lovely to bask in at lunch time but it brings potential risks of ‘accidents’ for your staff, especially those working outside! So whether you work in security or retail or on a construction site, keep in ‘radio contact’ with our colleagues!

It’s imperative that you keep focused and alert at the workplace because when we get hot and bothered, a majority of us will lose focus, because we are overheated, sleepy or sweaty which can lead to minor or more serious incidents especially for those handling dangerous machinery or working near them…

The reality is that hot weather is expected to continue for several days, so make sure you have enough two-way radios on hand for all your staff especially those who are mobile.

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