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Voicemail / Voice processing systems (VPS) allow businesses to give that all important human voice touch when handling customer calls. Calls are processed gracefully even if it cannot be personally answered.

VPS systems help to ensure that customer calls are handled during high call traffic periods as well as outside normal business hours and help retain your most valuable asset – your customers. Business Communications offer Panasonic’s KX-TVM50 and KX-TVM200 voice processing systems (VPS) that offer knockout features designed to help businesses handle every call in a courteous and efficient manner. These voicemail systems also come with features such as automated attendant, automatic call routing, and message notification capabilities, and each can be customised to your business telephony needs. In addition, they have advanced features that offer e-mail notification when a caller leaves a message, capability to attach voice messages to e-mail messages, and easier operation using the LCD and soft-keys on Proprietary Telephones (PT). Find out more about:

  • KX-TVM50
  • KX-TVM200


Automated Attendant (AA)

This is essentially a digital answering facility that answers incoming calls giving the caller a choice of options to direct their call to the required department.

‘’Press 1 for Sales; 2 for Accounts; 3 for Deliveries or 0 for Reception’’

This facility allows you to route the caller to their required department thus easing the strain on individual staff members who would normally filter all calls to any given department. Panasonic_-Voicemail

You should put great effort into planning the implementation of an Automated Attendant system. Consider designing this using a flow chart mapping the options given to callers and their call redirection.

Keep things simple, only give callers up to 4 choices at a time otherwise by the time it says “press 6 for Returns Dept” they will have forgotten what function option 1 performs.

Always offer an escape route such as “press 0 for Reception at any time”.

Arriving at an AA menu that does not have any options the caller requires and does not have an escape route will only infuriate your customers very quickly.

Most Voice Processing systems (Voice Mail) include AA features but if not AA can be purchased as a separate system if Voice Processing/Voice Mail is not required.


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Being able to hear both sides of a conversation and understand what was said can protect you against wrongful accusations. It also enables you to recognise any issues that customers are not informing you of regarding customer service and efficiency levels, and is therefore ideal for any business wanting to improve in these areas.

Call recording systems can be integrated into most existing telephone systems with calls being recorded onto a software programme that allows you to save inbound and outbound calls as MP3 or WAV files, these files can be e-mailed to another party for further analysis.

Recorded  calls can be extracted via, date, time, duration, dialed number, received number (inbound / outbound calls).

  • Call recording improves communications and verifies beyond question all reported and archived call records
  • Superior customer service is fostered
  • Staff training is enhanced
  • Disputes are defused and threats of litigation neutralised
  • And with appropriate stakeholders able to accurately record, manage and archive all incoming and outgoing calls, the impact on business performance can be significant


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Music and Messages on hold is truly an investment worth making for any business. Without messages or music-on-hold most new callers will hang up and a majority will not call back! Even worse they will call your competitors.

Don’t lose your customers!

Because most callers placed on hold without any music will think they have been cut off, which is not a good start for first time callers.

On hold messages are the perfect marketing opportunity to inform and educate your callers about your company.

If you have regular promotions on products or services that you want to spread the word about, or perhaps you recently won an industry award of excellence, then this is a great way to let your customers know about it.

What better way to tell them whilst they are on hold and you have their complete attention. What better opportunity of a captive audience are you going to get.

Don’t give your callers an excuse to hang up and dial your competition, you need to create a good impression from the outset.

7 out of 10 callers get placed on hold, it makes sense to ensure you keep them on the phone.


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Communications Assistant

Communication Assistant is a PC-based application suite with a variety of collaboration tools. It is intuitive with point-and-click telephony, presence and availability information, MS Outlook integration, visual voice messaging, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database integration and a lot more, combined in one single application.

Panasonic Communication Assistant offers high-performance functions for desktop integration and telephone system management and there are four currently available:

Communication Assistant Basic-Express

IP Software PhoneIP Software Phone

IP Software Phone module allows road warriors, sales and support staff, or any other power user to use their computer as an IP Phone for easy access to unified communications.

The user simply needs to connect to the corporate IP network over a secure managed broadband connection to enable the IP Software Phone.

Integration with Microsoft® Outlook®Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Communication Assistant seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Outlook® allowing users to easily dial contact phone numbers and receive incoming call pop-up alerts.

Easy and Simple Teleconferencing

Members that join a teleconference can be registered in a group using a PC drag-and-drop operation, so that teleconferences can be easily started.

Communication Assistant Operator Console For Operator or ReceptionistOperator or Receptionist

You can manage and redirect multiple calls simultaneously.
Call parking and extension management features are available for managing a large volume of call traffic.
Parked calls are put on hold and pooled into a common parking zone, and can be retrieved by any extension user.
You can also easily forward calls using the drag and drop function displayed on your PC.

Communication Assistant Supervisor For Team or Executive UserTeam or Executive User

The supervisor can monitor each agent’s phone status and also remotely log-in a currently logged out agent’s extension, or log-out an agent phone with simple mouse operation using CA Supervisor.
CA Supervisor can also monitor various important call centre statistics.

Microsoft Exchange Server Integration

If CA Server is installed on your network, you can integrate a Microsoft Exchange calendar with CA Client. When Microsoft Exchange Server is integrated with CA Client, your presence will automatically change according to the contents of your Exchange calendar.

Point and Click Unified Communications
Point and Click Unified Communications

You can easily make calls using a customisable contact list that is displayed on your PC, and search for a desired contact simply and quickly. 

You can also see the phone status, PC status, and the absent message of your extensions from the contact list before you make a call.

Voicemail Assistant (VMA)Voice Mail Assistant

Companies using the optional advanced KX-TVM Voice Messaging solution can allow Communication Assistant users to visually manage their voice mails with Voice Mail Assistant.

It can be launched directly from Communication Assistant via the Message icon.

Linking CA With Your Phones

CA Integrate (Follow-me)

You can call customers by registering your number and customer numbers in CA. You can then use your mobile phone and home phone as extensions to have conversations with customers. This enables you to communicate with customers both inside and outside the office without purchasing new phones, as long as you have an environment that supports CA.

Integrating with Business Applications

The NS series (incl. NCP / TDE) supports Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enabling telephony and computers to work in sync thus providing powerful PC-based productivity tools. The system supports IP based CTI integration via industry standard TAPI/CSTA.

System Diagram

Communication Assistant System Diagram
You can do a lot more with the Communications Assistance so please contact our team at

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