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Construction Site Essential – Open Two-Way Radio Communications

In today’s increasingly complex construction industry projects, the need for faultless radio communication is essential. Frequently, radio communication is required on multiple floor levels, both above and below ground.

Every company is required to ensure employee safety (number 1 priority) and therefore through Business Comms’ two-way radio communication solutions this can be achieved because we ensure that the customer has a seamless and effective radio system that allows open communication in all areas of a workplace. Additionally business communications is vital on construction sites because it allows businesses to be productive and operate effectively.

To ensure a radio signal is available in all locations at a site, our engineers evaluate if it may be necessary to utilise a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Our team will design and present a customer specific solution which may include various antenna types, that are dependent on theDirectional Antenna_ATEX environment, as well as leaky feeder cable for areas such as tunnels and shafts. A combination of both is not unusual. In essence, a DAS solution can be linear or a radio pattern.

Business Communications strongly believes that the right Two-Way Radio communication will only help your business to succeed because the customer will not only benefit from clear and effective communication in the workplace, they will also see:

  • Improved Communication – Open and Faster
  • Improved Staff Safety – such as use of 2-way radio device & accessory features like Auto Noise Cancelling, Man Down, Lone Worker & GPS Tracking
  • Increased Business Productivity and Efficiency

Sometimes customers want an even more sophisticated solution that for example need to be linked into an alarm system and/or control room, CCTV etc. We can help!

Business Communications have the expertise and skills required to both design and install complex radio systems that will ensure clear and reliable radio communication where it is most needed.

Business Communications currently provides on-going service in maintaining all our customer complex radio systems. To find out how we can help you contact us – 01252 617116 /

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