DON'T BE A VICTIM OF TELECOM FRAUD | Business Communications



Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,

We have been alerted by our partners of potentially high risk fraud attempts which unfortunately are resulting in businesses accruing expensive telephone call charges!

The methods used by the fraudsters follow similar patterns to those seen over the past 24 months and to those mentioned in our previous blog. The suspected fraudsters use existing company’s details and often valid bank details, in order to pass credit checks and then obtain telecoms services such as hosted seats, SIP trunks and Inbound numbers.

Note that, from time to time the contact and business details change.

The suspected fraudsters will try to buy phone licenses and UK Inbound calls from suppliers like ourselves, with forwards to international destinations. Unfortunately, this type of fraud results in high value calls being made using your company name as the bill receiver!

Sadly, the fraudsters use names of real people who are not involved in these fraudulent or criminal activities, they (unauthorised persons) are merely using their details for fraudulent and criminal purposes.

We urge you to ensure you and your staff to remain vigilant to these methods and to try and alert your account people of such events before you get caught out!

Remember to validate the company details by contacting the business, using information published on reputable sites such as Companies House.

Should have any queries, please contact us –


Kind regards,

Business Communications Team

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