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Network Cabling


A majority of businesses require a local area network (LAN) specific for voice and data connection, with Cat5e or Cat6 cabling infrastructure. However, others need the LAN networks to be remotely connected to other sites (i.e home workers / regional offices / international offices) in order to support a wider area network (WAN).

We at Business Communications bring 30 years of experience and a team of highly skilled engineers to assist you in the planning and designing of the installation of these networks.

Existing Network Expansion

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Expanding your existing network due to recruitment of additional staff or additional equipment.

Customers looking to expand their existing network whether due to recruitment of additional staff or additional equipment to the network, our Team is glad to assist. Likewise, if you require existing cabling relocated due to change in your office seating plan.

Work can be scheduled to be completed out of business hours in order to minimise disruption to your business operations.


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Office Relocation

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Relocating you existing network to a new premises or if points need to be relocated.

If you are relocating to new premises with existing network or if points need relocating to compliment your seating plan, Business Communications is more than happy to assist and even assess the existing network capability for both voice and data. Alternatively, if old cabling need replacing with new cabling, our team will work with the customer to achieve this.

We also offer customers moving to new premises which are either a refurbishment or new build and will require a new network, including Cat5e / Cat6e cabling, data cabinets, patch panels, patch leads etc then our engineers will advise them with technical drawing plans or discuss in details the requirements on customer site.

Our work will be carried out as per the required project programme and we would liaise with any contractors: partition; flooring; carpet; electrical etc, to ensure project completion is on schedule.


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Portacabin Site Install

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Business Comms deals with a number of national and international construction companies on Green Field sites whereby we assist getting site portacabin offices up and running to allow the contractor to commence their building project as planned.

We are able to integrate the main contractor’s network with any subcontractors’ and this includes voice and data connections.

Cabling is carried out on single, multi stacked cabins and also open plan cabins. We have specialist engineers in this type of work so they understand the needs, constraints and flexibility within this environment.


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Fibre to the Cabinet

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FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is the latest Broadband technology that makes use of fibre connections from street cabinets back to the local telephone exchange.

Superfast Broadband Connectivity can be achieved and unlike broadband provisioned over ADSL, FTTC utilises advanced equipment installed in new street cabinets which act as mini Exchanges and are connected back to the main local telephone exchange using high speed fibre optic cables.

The connection between the street cabinet and the end users premises is over copper cables, as with ADSL Broadband, but as copper performs very well over short distances there is now the potential to reach up to 40Mbps download speeds and up to 10Mbps upload speeds.

The benefit of FTTC is speed and the shorter the distance the faster the speed.

Fibre can be used for data sharing (upload and down) and is also a great solution for IP / SIP telephone calls when connected to a Hosted IP system or IP/PBX phone system.

Because FTTC offers such high performance it is a viable alternative to expensive Leased Lines or Ethernet circuits.

Fibre to the Cabinet is not available everywhere in the UK but is continuously being rolled out as street cabinets are being upgraded with the new technology. Please contact us to see if FTTC is available to your premises.

FTTC customers may need to invest in a new router that supports PPPoE but apart from that FTTC is like broadband but much faster.

Why use us for FTTC Broadband?

* We’ll manage the service providers for you and provide all the options
* Deal with UK based professional friendly staff
* We provide the required Routers
* Receive one bill for voice and data
* Fully trained professionals


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