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A large construction company with contracts throughout the UK required on-site telecom system for their site offices and at various project locations. This  was to accommodate Project Managers and all the relevant staff on the sites needed to carry out the fulfilment of contract requirements.

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The Brief

Business Communications to provide a national service to the company and make recommendations regarding the best and most cost effective way of setting up each site telephone system. To order and arrange installation of the lines and provide and install the telephone system and network cabling at each site, all of which had to coincide with the delivery of any site cabins.

The Solution

The size of the office compound and the length of each contract dictated the type and configuration of each system and also had an impact on the type of lines required. If DDI (direct dial in) numbers were required then digital lines (ISDN2 or ISDN30) would be ordered along with the necessary quantity of private numbers.

Trunk to trunk transfer proved a popular facility as key personnel are often in and out of the office compound and on the construction site itself. This feature allows external calls from the telephone system to be transferred to a mobile phone. Alternatively some of the other sites preferred to have all calls answered by a receptionist and consequently standard analogue lines were sufficient for these contracts.

Once we had carried out the cabling infrastructure for the telephones and data network we commissioned each telephone system to the customer’s requirement and provided training for all office based personnel.

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