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Two-Way Radio Projects


Business Communications has been able to provide radio communications systems for multiple sites for two of the UK’s leading logistics companies.

The radio solutions have included simple back to back radio through to Multi-Site Linked Capacity Plus systems. The type of system selected has been as a result of our engineering team performing site surveys and then working with the customer to present the results and recommend the most appropriate solution.

With the exciting new technology for automatic picking and sorting being used at some of the logistics warehouses, the radio solution design has been complex but has proved to be very successful, enabling end user communication throughout the diverse storage environments. These various environments present a range of problems with issues such as wide variations in temperature and humidity, as well as restrictions on antenna location.

Careful design and thorough system testing at all stages of installation ensured that the solution meets the customer requirements.

The flexibility of the Motorola solution enables Business Communications to add features to the end user radios as the customer requirement changes. For example, some radios at site are now programmed to support the Lone Worker function. This ensures that individuals working in isolation can be located should there be a problem that prevents them calling for assistance via their hand held portable radio.

Business Communications engineers can attend site as and when required to re-programme radios to meet the customer’s request.


Please contact us if this application would suit your requirements. Our dedicated design and installation team is on hand to provide advice whenever it is needed.