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Two-Way Radio Projects

McLaren Construction: 2-Way Radio Hire

The Client

McLaren Construction is an award-winning contractor with an established reputation for consistent delivery of outstanding projects across all market sectors.

The Challenge

To provide Two-Way Radio communications at each site for site-wide coverage. Often, the nature of the building work requires communication both above and below ground level. Essential communication is provided between crane operatives and the banksmen which also has Health and Safety implications.

In addition to the site communication concerns, the situation is further compounded by the fact that most sites are situated in or around the London area where the hire frequency spectrum is used throughout.

The Solution

Motorola DP4400 or DP4400e radios are supplied to the various sites.

The hire radios are programmed with both digital and analogue frequencies so as to allow multiple channel options for the end users, especially in a typically crowded spectrum environment.

Training is delivered on site where necessary, along with guidance in the correct use of different channels where interference has been detected.

When required, site visits are made to ensure the radio coverage is as would be expected.

The crucial nature of the radio communication on each site demands that any problems with the radios must be dealt with very quickly, even in situations where a problem is perceived rather than a reality.

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