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Radio Programming

Business Communications (‘Business Comms’) provides programming services for Motorola Two Way Radios – Handheld Portables, Mobiles and Base Stations.

In addition, Business Communications can organise Ofcom licences for any of our customers seeking to buy radios.

Contact us if you have any enquiries or would like to check if your radio model is supported.


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Repair & Servicing

We provide two-way radio repair and servicing (test to spec) to customers in the UK.

The Business Comms radio team can repair and/or refurbish your two-way radios.

A maintenance contract can be arranged for customers with a large fleet of two way radios with repair prices and service contracts to suit their budget.

For a free and no obligation estimate, please contact us on 01252 617116 or alternatively fill in and submit this form with your enquiry to our service team.


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Extended Warranty

With Service From The Start (SFS) with Comprehensive cover, you can now protect your two-way radios against wear and tear damage, accidental breakage such as broken display or damaged keypad.

Since your business relies on Motorola MOTOTRBO radios for critical business operations, SFS can provide you with fast repair turnaround times, provision of expert telephone technical support and access to the latest software releases, all backed by Motorola’s globally integrated services infrastructure of highly qualified technicians and certified repair facilities.

Motorola’s technical experts work with Business Comms who are a Motorola partner to diagnose and resolve any hardware and software issues. Motorola’s certified repair technicians will handle the radios with state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment, repair tools, and an extensive inventory of replacement parts to repair MOTOTRBO radios. Motorola service centres are fully certified to comply with ISO standards.

Our customers who opt for this service will receive multi-year technical support and repair coverage, thus providing the investment protection required to reduce total cost of ownership.

Read more about Motorola Service from the Start (SFS) or watch the video about this service.

For more information, please contact us on 01252 617116.


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Radio System - Design & Implementation

Our team of skilled radio engineers design and implement radio systems such as  Standard Radio Systems and Distributed Antenna Systems.

Business Communications has extensive experience in the design and implementation of two-way radio systems including Capacity Plus Single Site and Capacity Plus Multi-Site Systems – Motorola Capacity Plus and Connect Plus (incl. DAS implementation if required).

Our highly skilled engineers can design a bespoke system to meet any clients specific requirement.

We can carry out site surveys to assess on-site and wide area coverage and provide equipment recommendation to ensure the radio system our team delivers is to the clients satisfaction.

Cabling installations to support the radio systems can also be carried out.

Contact us for further information and/or unbiased advice.


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