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We have been Authorised Professional Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealers since 1988!

Business Communications are the leading suppliers of Motorola Two-Way Radios in Hampshire, Surrey and Greater London, providing customers with affordable radio communication systems to businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

Motorola has a rich heritage of innovation as it continually developing new products and their diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios and base stations provide you with solutions that are enablers to efficient coordination and communication with your on-the-go workforce:


Radio System Solutions

There are several two-way radio system solutions to meet requirements of any business customer. The following are some of which we offer:

  • Trunked solutions

Trunked solutions for both Single and Multi-sites utilising Motorola Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus can be provided by Business Communications’ teams.

Note that Linked Capacity Plus provides a trunked solution for up to 15 sites.

Generally, a Customer will contact us with a problem and our team of Radio Engineers will recommend a couple of workable solutions, often bringing new perspectives and ideas.

We prefer to work with the Customer in a collaborative manner to achieve results that provide value that is superior to other options and also that meet their business needs.

For larger system requirements, Connect Plus is also available.

  • DAS – Distributed Antenna Systems

We are able to provide ‘in-building’ DAS solutions in support of large scale office, hospital, warehouse and factory environments.

The key benefit of a DAS solution is that it addresses coverage problem so radio signals can cover a wide variety of bandwidth. This is not just for voice, as several types of wireless communication can be delivered across it – i.e. data, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, security applications and many other ‘connected’ technologies to benefit the Customer’s business environment.

What we do is; Business Comms and the Customer will together work on a strategy whereby the workflow requirements of the Customer are evaluated which are then matched to the capabilities of the Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). This is before our team of Engineers develop a plan which will lead to the designing of the DAS system with the aim to foolproof a Customer’s facility to address future challenges. Our Radio and Cabling teams will then install and test the DAS solution.

  • Conventional

Multi Site solution is provided using IP Site Connect, providing connection to up to fifteen sites.

The IP Site Connect digital solution uses the Internet to extend coverage no matter where you’re located because it enables the wide-area communication by linking adjoining single sites through an IP network to create continuous, unbroken coverage.

So, you will find interference is eliminated and drop-out spots are no longer a problem as this solution enables you to enhance coverage at a single site or multiple sites, even high-rise buildings with physical barriers such as metal structures or concrete and even in a basement and/or tunnel.

How?  IP Site Connect does this via networking your radio system through an IP network. This allows the Customer to extend voice and data communication capability of their workers beyond the levels two-way radio has achieved before. This means dramatically improved customer service and increased productivity

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Dispatch Solutions

Full Dispatch functionality is available through Motorola Sold and Supported Solutions.

The dispatch systems provide radio communication and management and can support multiple dispatch consoles. Functions include location services for GPS capable radio subscribers.

The choice of MOTOTRBO TRBONET Plus or SmartPTT Plus is dependent on the customer’s preference. However, Business Communications will provide you with unbiased advice before you make the final business decision.

What is:

  • TRBOnet PLUS – this solution enables operators to monitor audio, data and asset location, as well as provide record management and review events that have taken place. So you can easily track workers and key assets on a live map, send and receive private text messages to employees in the field and  in terms of safety, you can respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations. It provides great flexibility as you can also link multiple departments with a single touch. The key advantages of TRBOnet PLUS are its scalability and reliability whereby administrators can
    easily increase the number of users on the radio communication network or its geographical coverage at any time to handle increased demand. And with the simplified Network Application Interface (NAI), high levels of performance are assured.
  • SmartPTT PLUS – a control room solution designed exclusively for MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio systems and it supports voice communications and data operations in Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus and IP Site Connect using the Network Application Interface.  An integrated solution for MOTOTRBO, SmartPTT PLUS bridges different types of networks
    and manages systems of any size and topology. It’s easy to increase the number of users on the radio communication network or its geographical coverage at any time to handle increased demand. A key strength of this solution is its distributed architecture allowing users to build reliable communication systems with hot standby servers. One dispatcher can connect to multiple servers at the same time, serving different sites and regions from one dispatcher position. It eases the deployment of two-level dispatch systems with independent regional dispatchers and a main control room dispatch position connecting all regional systems for centralised control

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WAVE® for MOTOTRBO™  provides secure access to a two way radio system for 3G cellular connections, 4G/LTE cellular connections, or WLAN connections such as WiFi.

This is an ideal solution for sporting events or conferences where not all users will have access to radios but all will have access to a mobile phone device.

WAVE for MOTOTRBO provides an easy entry into Radio-over-IP (RoIP) by eliminating the need to understand the intricacies of IP networks or IP-based telephony.

This solution displays the rich data functionality of MOTOTRBO systems via a user-friendly interface that can be run off industry standard PC hardware:

  • Software Dispatch Console
  • ManDown Alarms
  • Specific Unit ID Displays
  • Group and Private Calls
  • Broadcast Calls
  • Integration with analogue and IP PBX Systems
  • System Presence
  • GPS
  • Text Messaging
  • End-to-End Encryption


WAVE is accepted as the gold standard for Radio-over-IP (RoIP) technology, having been deployed in some of the most demanding military, government and private sector applications at home and overseas.

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