Motorola 2-Way Radio IP Rating Simplified at Business Comms


What is Your Two-Way Radio IP Rating?

Two-way radios contain complex and delicate electronics that can be damaged by the elements of the environment you work in. Therefore, when you are in process of choosing the most suitable two-way radio for your business (workers), you need to consider its IP ratings.

Back to the basics… What does IP Rating mean? IP stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection. So IP ratings are international standards that advise on how well the radio is protected from dust and moisture. So these rating standards have been agreed internationally to help guide the end users (and dealers like ourselves) to choose or recommend the most suitable two-way radio suitable for their business needs.

IP rating is a 2-digit code which states how well a radio is sealed.

The first digit ranks protection against solids (i.e. dust) and range from 1 to 6 which means the higher the ranking, the smaller the particles. Confused?

Well what this really means is for example, if your two-way radio IP rating has the first digit as 6, this states that even tiniest dust particles are unable to get in and damage the radio.

Business Communications would recommend two-way radios with a high first digit to be suitable for customers withing Construction, Oil & Gas, Water (Utilities) and windy / dusty work environments.

While the second digit represents protection against moisture (also known as liquid ingress) – i.e. drips, sprays, submersion. The range is from 1 to 9 whereby 1 can only can hold a falling drop of water to 9 which protects two way radios against high-pressure jets of water from several directions.

The most common rating is 7 which can waterproof your radio for up to 30 mins in 1 meter of water. So the following shows the different IP rating 2-digit codes explained: IP Ratings SimplifiedSo in the case of Motorola DP4400 which has IP rating 57, this means that this radio is still very well protected against dust and able to still work even when it’s been dropped in one meter water for a duration of 30 mins.  In comparison, the Motorola DP1400 comes with IP 54 rating so the water protection which is not as good so you can deduce that the DP1400 two-way radios are not suitable for outdoor workplaces, specifically where it is very wet or in constant contact with liquids.

If you consider DP4400e/DP48001e/DP4401e 2-way radios with IP 68 rating, they have superior waterproof capabilities and dust protection!

This table is a ‘quick find’ to help explain the different IP Ratings of Motorola Two-Way Radios we at Business Communications sale/hire out to customers:


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