AV Downloads


Aver Soundbar VB342 +

4K USB Video Soundbar for Huddle Rooms

Barco Clickshare Room Solutions

One single, out-of-the-box solution for an exceptionally smooth video conferencing experience

Business Comms Konftel Tru Guide

Konftel is Europe’s leading manufacturer of conference solutions.

ClickShare Conference Solutions

Start a meeting with ClickShare Conference from your device, using your preferred conference tool.

ClickShare CX-20

ClickShare CX-20 transforms small meeting rooms and huddle spaces into inspiring conference facilities.

ClickShare CX-30

ClickShare CX-30 - Seamless, wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms

Crestron UC VC Smart Soundbar & Camera

The Crestron® UC Video Conference Smart Soundbar & Camera - No need to install additional microphones, speakers, or cameras

Konftel C2055-C2055Wx

Konftel C2055 and C2055Wx are the perfect video collaboration solutions for medium-sized meeting rooms

Polycom Studio Datasheet

Poly Studio is the premium USB video bar built for small rooms and big ideas

Konftel C50800 Hybrid

Combines the Konftel Cam50 PTZ conference cam and the Konftel 800 conference phone with the Konftel OCC Hub for One Cable Connection to the camera, speakerphone and screen

Konftel Cam10 Datasheet

The Konftel Cam10 is compact and ideal for users with single or multiple external displays

Business Comms Premier Support Agreement Benefits

Business Communications Premier Support Agreement Benefits

Wiresless Presenation Yealink WPP20

WPP20 - Yealink Wireless Presentation Pod

Yealink VC210 Datasheet

Yealink VC210 Teams Edition, is an entry-level video collaboration bar, designed for small and huddle meeting rooms

Yealink MVC400 Datasheet

Yealink MVC400 - Microsoft Teams Rooms System for Small Meeting Room

Yealink MVC500 Datasheet

MVC500 - Microsoft Teams Rooms System for Small and Medium Rooms

Yealink MVC800 Datasheet

MVC800 - Microsoft Teams Rooms System for Medium and Large Rooms

Yealink MVC900II Datasheet

Yealink MVC900 II - Microsoft Teams Rooms System for Extra-Large Room